Thursday, July 2, 2009

what a dream is

"What is a dream?", you may ask.

Some people think that a dream is merely an ilusion, a thought or a desire; something that just happens in the mind of a jerk, or a crazy one. A dream is unreal, and  everyone that follows them must open their eyes and put their feet on the ground. It's like a fever, or an illness of the mind.

Other people may think that a dream is something you can't resist, a call of the wild if you will, a reason to live or to die. A dream may give them hope, joy and faith. Something that worths spend a life trying to get there than to be part of the mass.

But I know that a dream its just the beginning of something bigger, pure and shinny.

It's my beleive that we are who we are because of all that dreamers in human history. But theres some key point to focus on: all of them have been dreamers until they create a plan. Yes, a plan to make that dream something real.

So, if you are a dreamer, start asking your self: "what i'm gonna do to make this dream something real?". Otherwise, you'll spend your life living in a "what if" bucle.

What are you waiting for? Go on, you've work to do...

I might be wrong, because, at the end, I'm just a real fool, right?


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

what a divorce is

"What is a divorce?", you may ask.

Some might say that a divorce is a legal process, executed to (legally) separate two persons. The oposite to marriage. Tons of money gone to waste.

Other people might say that a divorce is an excuse to break two (or more) hearts. A way to separate a life into two paths. A new begining. A new breath. A new life. A purifying fire that turns your soul red, giving you a chance to start over again with new oportunities and a way to see life.

But I know a divorce is a change.

All our life is full of changes. Like a machine, running fast sometimes and barely moving in another. Going straight, then right, then left, and right, and straight again. But always changing. Sometimes we can get so high, that going down feels like dying.

Martin Luther King Jr. said once: "If you can't fly then run, if you can't run the walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward".

You know what? Go through a divorce feels like hell. Sometimes I feel like shit, empty, alone and dying. But now I understand that this kind of experiences has to happen to teach us something.

I won't tell you if I deserve it, or if anyone deserves it.

I believe life tastes different to everybody.

I might be wrong, because, at the end, I'm just a real fool, right?


Friday, May 15, 2009

what love is

What is love?, you may ask.

Some people might say that love is a feeling, but is not. You can't feel love for anyone, because what you're feeling is attraction, passion, tenderness, etc.

Other people might say that love is an emotion, but is not. Love can't be part of your system, because it's an invention, a concept, it isn't part of our blood.

I know someone who beleives love must be a disease.

Someone told me once that "God is love", and maybe he wasn't wrong at all. I mean, human beings are used to create Gods from things they can't understand, say life, love, etc.

I'll tell you what love is for me: a cheap word, a placebo, like God. It's a word we use to explain what we're feeling. It's a magic word that we use to open up souls, to make someone beleive in us, in our intentions.

It's sad that someone can be satisfied saying: "I love you".

It's my beleive that we must do something deeper in our hearts, to search carefully into our souls, and find those words, acts, or watever it is, to show up how we feel, what we want, what we think of someone.

Don't fall into the mediocrity of saying "I love you", find out what's really going on, and tell about it.

Know you and know your people. The day you manage to get it, real love will be as natural for you as it is breathing.

I might be wrong, because, at the end, I'm just a real fool, right?


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the meaning of this blog

"What is reality?", you may ask.

Reality is that fantastic story about how life should be lived. It's the greatest comedy of all times, and we're supposed to be part of it. If one can't find its rol in it, it's tagged as crazy and rejected, forced to live in solitude or in a tank.

So, this blog is all about it. What it means to get "real" and what we should do about it.

I'm not intended to tell you what's good or wrong, I'm not even trying to point you to The One direction thorugh this life. I'm just another fool, trying to do my best, to live this life in terms of my own reality.

Seeya next time real travellers.